Initial BOSAC meeting

Scott Holcomb began the presentation by explaining that the town is working on a 5 Year Strategic Plan that will be incrementally implemented, as well as measured regularly. He is looking for the community to help him for the vision moving forward. What issues do you feel are the most important? Where are our schools lacking? What are the top concerns you have about the future of our schools? Scott feels that the community needs to be invested in our schools. He wants to implement a monthly meeting where we will come together to discuss a topic. MOKIES will be putting out an Evite soon for the next meeting and hope more of you can attend. Scott reiterated a few times that the more people asking for change, the more likely that change will happen. This is a wonderful opportunity to join in and be an advocate for your children.

Secondly, we went through an exercise and discussed the top three (or more) issues we felt needed the most attention. Technology, class offerings, and better communication between the School Department and the community stood out. Scott recognizes there have been mistakes in the way the School Department has handled communication and is working at improving communication. We discussed the elementary schools and how they should be more uniform. We discussed the loss of course offerings at the high school level which leave our children less competitive when it comes to getting into college. We touched on the budget a bit. We discussed communication breakdowns and issues. We discussed Tri-County and how that affects our own high school. We discussed getting more positive information out to the community so families feel more positive about our schools and commit to working together to improve them.

Overall, this was a very productive meeting, and basically helped lay the groundwork for involving the community in effecting real change. We will work with Scott to schedule a second meeting soon. I’ll put together the Evite for it within MOKIES, but the meeting will be open to the public. For now, meetings will be held in the Rice Room inside the Woodcock Building, but if more of our community decides to get involved, the venue will change. I’m hoping many more of you will be able to take part in this next time.


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