BOSAC Meeting: Turf Field & SOI for MSBA

At our February meeting, the Superintendent went over a host of updates with attendees, such as the turf field, SOI for MSBA, and the Strategic and District Improvement Plans.

Turf Field Update

North Attleboro Athletic Community Fund, Inc. (“NAACF”) contacted the Superintendent’s office to assist it with receiving a donation from North Attleboro Electric Department (“NAED”). NAED’s Board of Electric Commissioners (“BOEC”) wants to donate $451K to NAACF as its PILOT (“Payment In Lieu of Taxes”) donation this year to assist with the lighting needs of the turf field project. For NAACF to receive the funds from NAED’s BOEC PILOT, an article needed to be submitted for Representative Town Meeting’s (“RTM”) Special Town Meeting on March 27, 2017 to approve this transfer of funds. Since the proposed project that requires lighting is on school property, the School Department needed to request this exchange of funds by RTM. An article was submitted from the School Department for the Special Town Meeting warrant, and it will be presented along with NAACF and NAED in front of RTM’s Finance Committee on February 22, 2017.

The total cost of approximately $451,680 is needed for the design and engineering of lights for the Raymond E. Beaupre Field & Dwight Estey Track, permit purchases, and the purchase and installation of lights.  Although the School Department is the recipient of the funds for this effort, it is not the driver of the effort.

Background: The Board of Selectmen, Park & Recreation Commission and School Committee funded a field use analysis, and a proposed plan was to be completed in phases. The Capital Improvements Program (“CIP”) for the town has budgeted funding for $400,000 per year towards a current and long-term plan after the field use analysis was completed by a 3rd party in 2014. The town’s CIP is separate from the town’s Omnibus Budget as it is for short-range capital projects and equipment needs.  CIP funds are raised by borrowing or other available funds.  The town tries to keep the same amount of debt each year when it determines which CIP projects are approved annually.


A Statement of Interest (“SOI”) for the Massachusetts School Building Authority (“MSBA”) is being submitted by the School Department. The deadline for a CORE Program SOI is 4/7/2017, and it means that the MSBA would conduct a feasibility study based on the SOI submitted. Prior to the SOI submission, the MSBA requires the applicants to have obtained necessary approvals by town boards. It requires this approval from town boards because the MSBA wants commitment from the town that funding for proposed work is attainable within a two-year timeframe. Superintendent Holcomb shares that although the district realizes the need for improvements at elementary, middle school and high school levels, it is not feasible to apply for SOIs to cover the entire district’s needs due to the requirement of being able to secure funding within a two-year timeframe.

Strategic Plan and District Improvement Plan

Superintendent Holcomb is working on developing the district’s Strategic Plan and District Improvement Plan. While he was the Assistant Superintendent, Superintendent Cullen began the process of creating these plans. He is working to see them to completion and ensuring they are shared with the community.


Due to the town’s lack of resources and funding, assistance is valued by involvement of people in the community. At the next meeting, Superintendent Holcomb will share ideas of areas where interested participants could potentially assist the school department. Also, the BOSAC attendees will share key topics that require better clarification or communication from the school department.

Next BOSAC Meeting
March 10, 2017
10:30 am
Dr. Rice Conference Room



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