BOSAC Meeting: Goals and Finances

“The Super’s Show”

Superintendent Scott Holcomb is putting together a show to address issues and topics parents in the community want to hear about. The show will air on North TV. To find relevant and important topics to discuss, Holcomb needs to hear from the community. What would you like the Superintendent to talk about? Send your ideas to his administrative assistant, Mary Chagnon, at

Superintendent Goals

  • 3-5 year plan (needs to be woven in to the curriculum)
  • The complete list of goals can be found on the website at
  • Academic, Social and Emotional Core Competencies: There is a rise in social/emotional issues across the area. Teachers need training to know how to handle these issues and have it become a part of the everyday curriculum.
    • Prevent triggers from happening.
    • Recognize triggers and know what to do when they happen.
    • Low cost associated.
  • Communication Goals: There needs to be a central place/point person to get factual information out to the community.
    • Develop consistent communication at school and district levels.
    • Zero cost associated.
  • Digital Literacy Skills PreK-12: These are standards the School Department is trying to weave in to the current curriculum. These standards were adopted/endorsed by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education in late 2016. They are:
    • Introduce Digital Literacy and Computer Science standards (DLCS) to administrators, teachers, and paraprofessionals.
    • Imbed digital literacy standards into taught and written curriculum.
    • Imbed digital literacy standards into district report cards.
    • Cost associated with this since we will need devices.
    • CIP contains $350K line for technology. We need to: increase number of 1 to 1 devices we have in our classrooms, and establish wireless access sites that can handle the flow. Bandwidth has been expanded but we will need to have the backbone to support this. Note: The CIP funding is being voted on in June.

Financial Issues/Override/High School Accreditation

North Attleboro needs 2 overrides to succeed: an Operational Override and a Debt Exclusion Override. There will be a multi-million dollar gap next year in the School Department’s budget. The way we are funding the school budget isn’t going to sustain what we have nor is it going to fund innovation or growth. Sustainable revenue streams are needed in town (something that will generate revenue.) Our schools need to be built up, but our town lacks the current financial structure to be able to do that. North Attleboro High School has been placed on warning of losing accreditation. Much of that is a result of the physical upgrade needs of the current building and the outdated curriculum materials.  The lack of use of Beaupre Field was one item cited as a problem which is why the turf field project is underway. It is a means of improving the physical condition of the high school as a way of fixing the problem we are facing with accreditation.

Next Meeting: Friday, June 9th at 11am


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