BOSAC Meeting: Survey, Student Shadowing, and Special Town Meeting

Survey Results from North Attleboro Community

The community response to the recent survey put out by the North Attleboro Public Schools has been wonderful. Many in the community are interested in volunteering to support our schools by helping with Grants, Alumni and Advancements, Communication (Public Relations) and/or Grass Roots Efforts. Superintendent Holcomb and Assistant Superintendent McEwen will be contacting volunteers over the summer.

Student Shadowing

In an effort to get back in to the day-to-day life in our schools, Superintendent Holcomb plans to begin shadowing one student each week. This will be done at all levels (elementary, middle, and high school). Mr. Holcomb wants to feel more connected to the day-to-day learning of our students by getting into the schools.

Roosevelt Roof/Special Town Meeting

There will be a Special Town Meeting on July 17th. Damage has been sustained to the roof because snow drifts on the roof caused deflection to occur. The damage is said to be between $150,000-$170,000.   The Board of Selectmen have called a Special Town Meeting where the school department will ask to borrow the money from the town. The roof in a bathroom inside Roosevelt began to leak so the bathroom was closed until a fix could be made. A structural engineer was called in and found trusses were rotted in the ceiling from water dripping down. Other areas of the roof were then inspected to ensure that damage was sustained to only a limited area. An insurance company decided the damage was caused by natural deterioration and denied the claim (the School Department waited 4 months before receiving the refusal.) There is now a new adjustor involved going after the manufacturer/installers to see if there’s a way we can still get the money to repair this damage reimbursed.

Please consider contacting your RTM representatives prior to July 17th to let them know your opinion on the project.

Budget 2017

The budget for the next school year was approved recently and came back $60K less than the previous years’ budget. There are a number of Capital Improvement Projects in the works in North Attleboro Schools. These include an increase in technology and infrastructure ($350K), the replacement of district carpets at North Attleboro High School ($75K), plus improvements to 3 fields ($500K): the installation of a turf field at Beaupre Field, plus the fields (2 baseball fields and a practice field) outside of it are all in need of repair. In addition, a number of our town school buses need to be taken offline now that they have over 300,000 miles on them. Note: the School Department makes up approximately 1/6 of the overall Capital Improvement Funding for the town.

Looking Ahead

There will be no BOSAC meetings over the summer, but we plan to start up again in the fall. Superintendent Holcomb would like to hear from the community. A survey will be sent out in August to determine what the community would like to ask the Superintendent. Moving forward we will base next years’ agendas on what the community wants to hear.

Next Meeting: TBD


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