BOSAC Meeting 4.5.19: NAHS Statement of Interest, Technology, and Additional Needs

Statement of Interest for NAHS

The School Committee, with the support of the Board of Selectmen, submitted a Statement of Interest with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) for NAHS. There is no cost associated for the NAPS to submit a Statement of Interest, and it is important to remain in the queue for the MSBA’s consideration. If the MSBA selects North Attleboro Public School’s (NAPS) Statement of Interest, the MSBA requires a Feasibility Study to be conducted. The feasibility study will be cost shared with the MSBA. Once the Feasibility Study is completed and scope of work is determined, etc., the MSBA provides 52% reimbursement for construction/work of a determined project relating to the NAHS.

The NAHS is no longer in its warning status by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC), but NAHS still needs to make sure it has the space needed in the building to resolve any overcrowding issues. NAHS always strives to enhance the programs it provides for its students, and it is important to allot the appropriate number of square feet per student to make sure there is enough space for this to be possible.

NAMS, Elementary Schools

A school district can submit more than one Statement of Interest, and the NAPS believes it’s in the town’s best interest to proceed with this Statement of Interest for the NAHS only at this time. Prior Statement of Interests have been submitted years ago for additions to the Allen Avenue School and the Early Learning Center to ease overcrowding concerns. Since then, the Allen Avenue School was shut down in 2015 due to budget constraints and approximately 900 students were redistricted throughout the town.  Its building was turned over to the town in 2017. Also, some renovations, such as window replacements and roof repairs, have happened in previous years at other elementary schools with financial assistance from the MSBA through its accelerated repairs program. For the MSBA to determine how to best allocate its funds to assist districts throughout the state, it considers all needs of each district seeking financial assistance.

The NAPS knows that its buildings need continual maintenance and repair and frequently relies on the town’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to make this possible.  However, the CIP isn’t able to meet all of the needs of the NAPS’s facilities. The school department plans to reach out to the town to seek a Facilities Assessment to be done by a third party to assess the quality of each of our town’s buildings. NAPS cares about its students and always seeks to provide a safe learning environment for each of its students. In April, Amvet Boulevard School underwent a building health analysis for air quality and Community School will commence a similar analysis this spring.  Due to leaks in their roofs, the NAPS wants to make sure any of the leaks aren’t interfering with the learning environments in these schools. Once the results are known, the information will be shared and actions will be taken as needed.


After an operational override passed in 2018, each town department in our community received additional funds to ensure and enhance its quality of services. The NAPS used a portion of its funds received to purchase technology to assist in its education of students and to also equip its teachers with better tools to strengthen their learning environments. Each student in 4th through 12th grade received a Chromebook to assist with his/her learning throughout the school year. The rollout and use of these Chromebooks by students have been a big success of this school year.

Additional Needs

Each year, the NAPS carefully pieces together its budget, and additional needs remain for the upcoming fiscal year that begins July 1. The school department is putting forth an article for additional funding to the Board of Selectmen, Finance Committee and Representative Town Meeting for approval to receive funds for curriculum materials, technology, equipment and maintenance needs.

Next BOSAC Meeting




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